Year 2307

27 years after the war between the NCR and the Legion over Hover Dam, New Vegas has thrived as the new metropolis of the wasteland. Society is on the verge or reforming as the newly named Republic reinstates a governmental system, offering protection under its laws.

Tin Men, Republican officers of the peace, maintain regular patrols in every city. New laws against Drug abuse, alcoholism and firearms push the crime families into a shadow war with the government. Underfunded, and manned the families unite under a single banner.

Welcome to the Syndicate,

For what ever Reason you find yourself rebelling against the iron grip of The Republic; be it their overbearing laws or their tendency to bend the rules for the privileged. Unlike the days of old, a man can no longer earn his place by his deeds, but instead must climb the society ladder of ass-kissing and boot-licking.

The syndicate promises the chance of wealth, freedom, and respect…

Fallout: Syndicate

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