Trevor Bates, born in 2022 in New York city, he grew up to be quite a smart man. A genius child, he graduated college and got his P.H.D in physics at the age of 22. Trevor then went on to work for the United States government producing high-yield nuclear bombs, he did so for years until rumors of a nuclear war started becoming more and more serious, at this point, he left, his spot in a government-purchased vault was taken from him and he was left on his own when the world went to crap.

He had barely escaped New-York city when it got attacked, he was really close to the blast though and for reasons still unknown to him to this day, he managed to “live” through it, although it changed him. Trevor had become half-man, half irradiated corpse.

From then, he travelled west, surviving off of whatever he could find and, although he may not say it, took quite the pleasure in being apart of this weird, dead world, he’d see a radroach and feel closer to it than to the few men he saw.

It took him about two years of on and off walking to the Mojave, in the desert he found an old military research bunker, he took residence in it and started doing what he had been putting off for a while, researching why he was the way that he was.

He hardly saw time passing and almost a hundred years later, he still had no answer, all science suggests that he should’ve died in the blast, but he didn’t. Desperate that his research had lead nowhere, he left the bunker and made his way towards New Vegas, on a clear night, he could see the lights of the city from his bunker and he found himself wondering how, after so long, they were still working.

He got there and learned that the city was actually quite populated, he established himself in freeside. He would trade his scientific knowledge for caps and feed himself that way. He quickly learned that people didn’t like people of his kind, ghouls as they called him, so he mostly kept to himself unless he needed money.

He spent the next length of time in Freeside, seeing the city change over the years, one day, the NCR showed up, and they never left, after some even they called the battle of hoover dam, they seized control of the Mojave, then, things changed.

The republic started trying to push their laws onto the people of New Vegas, being from Freeside, Trevor wasn’t a rich man and being a ghoul too, he obviously wasn’t a major focus of what the republic aimed at doing, they forbid him from using the lab he had in his house, thinking he was a danger to the people. The tin men would constantly raid his house under the pretense that Trevor was a drug manufacturer.

Thus, his hatred for the republic started growing, he soon found out about this group called the syndicate that was meant to take down the republic, Trevor needed to get connected to those people.


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